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Patterns & Textures

Exquisite One-of-a-Kind Limited Edition Artworks, each a Singular Unique Creation.
photoart-06_017 --- MARTIAN DAWN
photoart-06_015 --- WEATHERED SANDSTONE
photoart-06_001--- ETERNAL WAVES
photoart-06_003 --- ETERNAL WAVES-2
photoart-06_004 --- CLAY PATTERNS-1
photoart-06_005 --- CLAY PATTERNS-2
photoart-06_002 --- SAND & STONE
photoart-06_006 --- SAND RIPPLES
photoart-06_008 --- ETERNAL WAVES-3
photoart-06_009 --- ETERNAL WAVES-4
photoart-06_019 --- SEASCAPE ABSTRACT
photoart-06_007 --- DIAGONAL
photoart-06_010 --- PILLARS OF CREATION-1
photoart-06_012 --- EARTH FROM ABOVE
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