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About the artist

Welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks.

In recent years, I have ventured beyond the realm of nature photography (my initial specialty), embracing a more imaginative and diverse approach. This creative evolution now encompasses the incorporation of man-made elements and scenes in my compositions. A significant aspect of this artistic journey has been my foray into the world of digital photo art. These creations originate from my own photography, which I meticulously enhance, reshape, and transform through digital mediums. I craft each piece utilizing a blend of sophisticated software and digital painting techniques, often involving multiple stages and applications. The culmination of this process is a unique artwork, with the final digital image residing on my computer's hard drive, representing the true essence of my artistic vision.

Wynand du Plessis photo

Currently, my artistic endeavors are centered around a unique fusion of digital bird photo artworks and AI-generated bird paintings. This synthesis embodies my profound interests in art, ornithology, photography, and painting. Through my work, I strive to blend the intrinsic beauty of classical bird photography with the nuances of digital painting. My style is characterized by a harmonious integration of bird imagery into backgrounds that are simultaneously abstract, impressionistic, and graphic. I am particularly drawn to the impasto style in oil painting, which I simulate in my digital creations.

People viewing my art should be free to make their own interpretations and associations, and I prefer not to describe my art in many words on my website.

My artworks are for sale as Exquisite Limited Edition Fine Art Prints (with a print run of ONE unique print only), each meticulously crafted as a singular One-of-a-Kind masterpiece, printed on premium quality Silky Gloss Epson Photo Art Paper (260g/m²). The minimum print size is 350mm on the shortest side.

Contact me by email for PRICES of different sizes.

My custom prints are exclusively created upon request. You become the sole proprietor of a distinctive piece of art, guaranteed not to be replicated as a fine art print in the future.


Please do not hesitate to contact me by email ( if you have any questions.

Your comments on my photo art will be greatly appreciated

I greatly appreciate comments on my digital art. Send an email telling me what you like (and maybe do not like). You are also welcome to write in your language of choice. Thank you in advance :-)

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