About the artist

My name is Wynand du Plessis and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks. 


I am a passionate photographer and used to focus exclusively on wildlife and landscape photography in Namibia (in Africa).  My wife (Claudia) and I lived for over ten years in the Etosha National Park in Namibia where we worked as environmental researchers, and gained a deep understanding in, and love for, wild nature. We left our environmental research jobs in Etosha in the year 2000 to start our own business as professional nature photographers and publishers, and made a business of selling our photographs in our own products like art calendars, books, maps & guides to book shops and souvenir shops in Namibia and elsewhere. Our wildlife and landscape photos have appeared in numerous international magazines, and we received some awards in international photographic competitions. Our classical wildlife and landscape photos and products can be viewed on our other website here and here.

Wynand du Plessis photo

We moved to Germany in the year 2012 (my wife is German, I am a South African), and I am expanding my photography away from just nature photography to more creative photography that also includes man-made scenes or objects. During the last years I especially started to focus on producing digitally created photo art. My "photo art" creations are my own original photographs (most of my photographs were taken using a digital camera), that are digitally enhanced, restyled, combined and/or altered in a computer using various software & digital painting techniques, often involving many steps. The true original artwork is the final digital image on my computer's hard disk.

I love photography, I am a dedicated birder since my early childhood, and I also love traditional painted artworks, especially paintings using "rougher" techniques such as impasto style & palette knife effects, as well as graphic art. I had art as a school subject until matric (grade 12), and consider studying art, but in the end chosen a career in environmental sciences. Since I started working for myself in the year 2000 as a full time wildlife photographer & publisher, I moved more and more towards focussing on an art as the main inspiration driving  my visual creativety.

At the moment my main focus and passion is my digital bird artworks which are a combination of my love for birds, photography and painting. I have developed an INIQUE STYLE in my bird art that aims to capture the beauty of pure bird photography in combination with digital painting techniques whereby the bird photos are in harmony, and part of an abstracted/impressionistic & graphic background.

People viewing my art should be free to make their own interpretations and associations, and I prefer not to describe my art in many words.


Please do not hesitate to contact me by email (wynandphotoart@gmail.com) or phone (+49 841 97061192) if you have any questions. If you like to get in contact by phone, please consider time zone differences as I am living in Germany. The best time to phone me is between 10h00 to 21h00 (German time).

Social media sharing

I am using Pinterest buttons for each art gallery type, but not for the individual artworks. On Pinterest it is easy to share these links to other social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. I am also sharing especially my bird art to 500px.