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Privacy policy & Impressum

This Privacy Policy describes the types of information I may collect from you or that you may provide to me when you visit the website of Wynand du Plessis.

When you visit this website you are normally not required to provide any login name or password. Only when you optin to various offers do you need to provide your login details (name & email), and these are protected under the rigid SSL security of the website host.

When you purchase any of my printed artworks, your payment data is NOT seen nor collected by me or the website host. Your payment data (password & associated bank account information) are secured under the PayPal platform, which is extremely reliable and cannot be accessed by me or the website host.

Your personal data (name & email) are 100% safe with me. I will not provide them to anyone else, ever.

When you access sites on the internet, including this website, there is always a two-way communication between your computer and the server. This is normal for the internet to function and for you to access any site. Your browser settings and internet security settings must allow such basic communication to function. We (you or me) have no influence over that and must accept it when using the internet. However, you can decide yourself how to restrict and setup your own access to the internet by editing your internet access settings using the tools of your internet browsing platform, for example Google, Bing, Firefox, etc.

I use scripts from Google Analytics to help me track which pages & content are visited by visitors to this website.

When you choose to provide a testimonial you agree that it can be quoted by me for my own marketing purposes.

By using this site, you consent to my privacy policy.

Tel: +49 841 97061192


Address: Ingolstadt, Germany

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