Art buyers outside of Germany, Austria, France & The Netherlands should NOT use the Add to Cart buttons on the shopping gallery page, but contact us by email to request a quote for postage fees to your country before ordering.

Please have a look at the courier fees information here before ordering.

Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond --- SHOPPING GALLERY

# All artworks can be produced using Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond

# Individual artworks are available in specific formats only (for example square format artworks cannot be ordered with an aspect ratio of 4:3). 

# Aspect ratios available are: 3:2 / 1:1 / 3:1 / 4:3 (aspect ratios are indicated at the end of the file name for each image listed in the photo galleries)

How to use the Add to Cart payment option below:

# In the appropriate Add to Cart option below select a print size

# Specify the reference name of your selected artwork, for example photoart-01_001

# Click on the Add to Cart button to go to the PayPal shopping cart

# If you want to buy more than one artwork at one time, select "continue shopping" at the top right of the PayPal shopping cart to be taken back to this site

# If you are finish with adding artworks to the PayPal shopping cart, finalize your payment in PayPal

# Please send an email confirming your order details and specify your full contact details

Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond - Artworks with aspect ratio of 3:2

Most artworks from all the different art galleries (excluding Bird Art / Butterflies & Dragonflies) have an aspect ration of 3:2 


Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond - Square artworks with aspect ratio of 1:1


Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond - Panoramic artworks with aspect ratio of 3:1


Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond - BIRD ART (and Butterflies & Dragonflies) have an  aspect ratio of 4:3


About the artist

My name is Wynand du Plessis and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks.

With my photo art I aim to inspire people to look beyond the obvious and see something creative, unique, fascinating, thought provoking and new in everything they see and experience.

Find out more about the artist here.

Direct UV printing on Alu-Dibond

Artworks are produced in brilliant colors using Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond. Find out more here.

Commission me to turn your own photos of birds into similar style digital artworks

Find out more here.

REFLECTIONS Pinterest board from wynandphotoart
BIRD PAINTINGS Pinterest board from wynandphotoart

View examples of the process involves to turn bird photos into bird artworks

Find out more here.

Links to other HIDDEN PAGES that are not displayed in the top menu:

Artworks in homes & offices   // Large print example with signature  // Commissioned Bird Art

Bird Art - BEFORE / AFTER images  //   Privacy policy

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