ORDERING Fine Art Prints on YOUR CHOICE of Art Print Media

I am now offering my artworks for sale as FINE ART PRINTS on the art print media of YOUR CHOICE , and at any size (at least 30cm or longer on the longest size).

To give visitors to my site a prelimanary idea of the cost of my artworks, have a look at the PRICES FOR PRINTS on Art Paper and on Alu-Dibind.

Request a quote:

If you have decided to order one or more of my artworks, just sent an email with all the relevant details of the artwork (image name, for example "photoart-01_001, photoart-01_002, etc.). Also include your full contact details and street delivery address. If you have clear ideas of what you prefer in terms of  the size and the printing & framing, I should be able to provide you with a quote within two days.


I am offering exclusive artworks according to the unique preferences of clients, and this takes time. I will do everything necessary to try and fulfill your requirements & provide you with a quote asap. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your choice of artwork purchased from me.

Email: wynandphotoart@gmail.com 


Examples of my artworks in homes & offices:

If you are unsure which image from my selection will best fit your space, I offer a free service where I will help you decide. Please have a look at this page for more information.

Courier fees:

Courier fees to destinations in Germany is free of charge for normal courier. Express courier fees are extra to all destinations, including within Germany.


Courier fees to all other destination outside of Germany are extra and can only be provided after I have all the details about your choice of artwork, size, printing and framing, your full courier address and your mobile phone number.

Payment options:

You can pay me for my artworks via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card using their platform). You can also pay me via a bank transfer to my German bank account if you are living in Europe or the United States, or to my Namibian bank account if you are living in Southern Africa.


Copyright & signature:


All of the rights are reserved by Wynand du Plessis for the artworks displayed on this website, and for his artworks purchased directly from him or from a 3rd party. The copyright of the artworks always remains with the artist as well. You may resell a physical print that you purchased, but may not photograph, scan or reproduce these artworks in any way.

Please take note that the signature name (watermark) on the artworks on this website are proportionally much larger and bolder than the digital signature on the real prints. The reason for that is to discourage that my online artworks are being used without my permission or without reference to my ownership. Here is a large example of an artwork showing the real signature in the correct proportions. 

Examples of my artworks in rooms:

Here are some examples (mock-up) in slide galleries. Here are some examples of my BIRD ARTWORKS in rooms.