Welcome to my website, and thank you for your interest in my artworks. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Overview of the print options on offer

I offer my artworks in two different print options, which are:

1 - Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond

   - all artworks can be produced using Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond, therefore

     Bird Art as well 

   - individual artworks are available in specific formats only with pre-defined aspect

     ratios. Aspect ratios available are: 3:2 / 1:1 / 3:1 / 4:3

   - all artworks are available in different pre-defined sizes, except for panoramic

     prints which are only available at a size of 150cm x 50cm

   - prices start at €160

   - view available print SIZES & PRICES

2 - Stretched Canvas Prints of Bird Art

   - Bird Art is also available as Stretched Canvas Prints. Only Bird Art can be

     printed on canvas, and not the artworks from other art galleries

   - each Bird Art print is also embellished by hand with a clear acrylic matt

     brush texture to enhance the original digital brush strokes

   - prices start at €195

   - view print SIZES & PRICES


The ordering process

This website does not use a traditional eCommerce shop where the check-out process is finalized on-site. I prefer the simplified system used here where the FINAL SHOPPING CART is hosted directly in PayPal (please take note that you do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal platform with your credit card).

To purchase any of my artworks, go to the menu page SHOPPING GALLERY. To purchase a specific artwork at the size you prefer, select the correct format and your preferred size, type in the reference name of that artwork, then click the "Add to Cart" button. You will be re-directed to PayPal where the SHOPPING CART is hosted.

(please take note that you can only select artworks to purchase in the  SHOPPING GALLERY, and NOT in the art galleries).

If you only like to purchase one artwork at one size, finalize your order in PayPal.


However, if you like to order more than one artwork at a time, come back to this site before finalizing your payment in PayPal (select "continue shopping" in the right top of the PayPal shopping cart), and select additional artworks on this site and add them to the open PayPal shopping cart.


When you are ready to pay for all artworks selected, finalize your payment in PayPal.

I will contact you by email to confirm your payment, ordering details & delivery address, and proceed with arranging the printing of your chosen artwork. However, please take note that confirmations of your order may not take place immediately after you made a payment due to time differences.


Please also send a short email after you made a payment specifying your full contact details & the details of your order.


1 - Print sizes & prices for DIRECT UV PRINTING ON ALU-DIBOND

All of my artworks are available as Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond, including the Bird Art theme

Find out more about the print production & ordering here.


2 - Print sizes & prices for STRETCHED CANVAS PRINTS

My Bird Art is also printed onto stretched canvas. This option is only available for my Bird Art, and not for artworks from the other art galleries.


The Bird Art has an aspect ratio of 4:3

Find out more about the print production here.

Courier fees

Standard courier fees are included in the price. Shipping by express courier is extra.

Free shipping by standard courier is only valid for the USA and the core EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom). For all other countries please get in touch before purchasing an artwork.

Print production time & courier duration

Print production for canvas prints and for Alu-Dibond prints will take about 5 to 10 days, and courier usually takes about 3 to 9 days to the destinations offered. 

Packaging & shipping of artworks

The artworks will in most cases be sent directly from the printer to you (except for canvas prints which will first be embellished with a texture by me personally). The printers I use are fully professional in all aspects of their services, including the proper packaging of precious pieces of artworks to withstand the rigors of the international courier industry.

In the extremely unlikely event that you receive an artwork that is damaged during postage, or that has printing errors, please get in touch within 24 hours. Take photos of all aspects of the problem and transfer those to me. I will immediately get in contact with the courier firm or printer and sort the problem out without delay.


Other sizes & other print options

The Canvas Prints and the Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond are only available on this website as indicated. However, please get in touch if you like to get a quote for another size.

Choose the right artwork

To choose a piece of fine art can be a difficult experience. If you are interested in one or more of my artworks, I will assist you to help realize the goals you have for displaying the most appropriate piece of fine art for a specific location at the best size.

You may already know what you want and what size you want it at. If so, that’s great! You’re able to order directly from the shopping gallery at any time to get the printing process started!


However, if you need assistance, regardless of whether it’s a single image in your home or to re-decorate an entire large office space, I am happy to help in any way I can to make the experience as comfortable and easy as possible! The first option may be to embed one or more of my artworks in photos you may send to me of your room space to create a mock-up of how my artwork will look in your home or office. I offer this service free of charge, without expecting any commitments from you to purchase my art afterwards.

Here are some examples of my artworks in homes & offices. I will be able to do something similar with photos from your own space.

Return policy if you are not satisfied with the artwork

Please note that the artworks are produced on order for you personally. I therefore cannot offer a return policy if you decide you do not like the artwork or it is not the right size.

Rather make 100% sure the artwork you choose is the right one for you home and decor by using my free service where you may send me photos of your room whereby I will embed my artwork at different sizes.

Find out more here.

Copyright & signature

All of the rights are reserved by Wynand du Plessis for the artworks displayed on this website, and for his artworks purchased directly from him or from a 3rd party. The copyright of the artworks always remains with the artist as well. You may resell a physical print that you purchased, but may not photograph, scan or reproduce these artworks in any way.

Please take note that the signature name (watermark) on the artworks on this website are proportionally much larger and bolder than on the real prints. The reason for that is to discourage that my online artworks are being used without my permission or without reference to my ownership. Here is a large example of an artwork showing the real signature name and limited edition number in the correct proportions. 

Examples of my artworks in rooms

Here are some examples in a slide gallery.

About the artist

My name is Wynand du Plessis and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks.

With my photo art I aim to inspire people to look beyond the obvious and see something creative, unique, fascinating, thought provoking and new in everything they see and experience.

Find out more about the artist here.

Direct UV printing on Alu-Dibond

Artworks are produced in brilliant colors using Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond. Find out more here.

Canvas Prints - Bird Photo turned into Bird Art

Find out more about the Bird Art that is also printed onto stretched canvas here.

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Commission me to turn your own photos of birds into similar style digital artworks

Find out more here.

View examples of the process involves to turn bird photos into bird artworks

Find out more here.

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