Commissioned bird art produced by me from YOUR own photos

If you like my digital bird art and would like your own photos of birds to be turned into artworks with a similar style, please contact me. I am available to be commissioned, without any commitment on your side to buy the final artwork!


The following points should be considered:

• I will turn your photo into an artwork with a style similar to my bird artworks on this website.

Size of your photo: Your photo should be about 4000 pixels or more on the longest side, and the bird should fill at least half of the frame. It should be reasonably sharp and well exposed for best results.


• I often use a different foreground or object like a tree branch than displayed in the original photo, and I  often edit or change the background as well. The reason for this is to make the photo more interesting and to remove objects or colours that will be distracting or boring in the final artwork.


• Ideally you provide a 'perfect' photo where all components are in harmony, but if not, it's most important that the bird pose is interesting, with correct exposure & good sharpness.


• I always try to blend the bird with the background and often use colours from the bird itself to paint onto the background, before I start the various steps to turn the photo into an artwork. Therefore please take note that the original background colors will be changed to some degree. 

• If I think I cannot turn a bird photo into a great artwork that I am satisfied with I will tell you upfront and choose not to be commissioned.

• When I am finished with my digital processing I will email you a copy at 1500 pixels on the longest side for you to review critically. I am willing to make some changes if needed and if possible for me.

• When you are satisfied with the artwork you can order it from me to be printed at any of the sizes I offer for my other own bird artworks. 

Price: The price to you is the same as my other artworks. If you agree that I can use the artwork from your photo to sell as part of my collection thereafter, the price to you will be 10% less.

• Take note that the print will only be made once payment has been received.

• Take note that the digital file of the final artwork in large resolution will not be available to you, only the printed artwork.

• Commissioned prints produced can unfortunately not be returned if you are not satisfied.

How long will it take? Usually about 1 week to prepare the digital arwork including changes required by you, if needed. To get the artwork printed will take another two weeks. Postage of the final print will take about 3 to 5 days to you, if you live in Europe, and up to 10 days or longer if you live in the USA or elsewhere.


If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch (scroll down to get my contact details).

About the artist

My name is Wynand du Plessis and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks.

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Commission me to turn your own photos of birds into similar style digital artworks

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