Butterflies & Dragonflies

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The art gallery BUTTERFLIES & DRAGONFLIES displays photographs & combinations of photographs where digital painting and filter effects have been applied over the photographs. My favorite digital painting tools used are impasto style & palette knife effects. Most artworks involved many different steps & layers to get the desired result.

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The  reference name of the artwork becomes visible by moving the mouse pointer on top of an image. The reference name is needed when you want to make a purchase in the shopping gallery.

The aspect ratio is indicated at the end of the file name (4:3 for Butterflies & Dragonflies).

photoart-12_001 COMMON BLUE BUTTERFLY --- Polyommatus icarus
photoart-12_002 BANDED DEMOISELLE --- Calopteryx splendens
photoart-12_003 --- HIGH BROWN FRITILLARIA --- Fabriciana adippe

About the artist

My name is Wynand du Plessis and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around my online galleries and for your interest in my artworks.

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Direct UV printing on Alu-Dibond

Artworks are produced in brilliant colors using Direct UV Printing on Alu-Dibond, and are ready to hang. Find out more here.


Artworks are produced in brilliant colors on Ultra HD Photo Prints, which are unframed. Find out more here.

Commission me to turn your own photos of birds into similar style digital artworks

Find out more here.

View examples of the process involves to turn bird photos into bird artworks

Find out more here.

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